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Enlightened Dark was founded on June 28, 2011 by several friends looking to make the move from World of Warcraft to Star Wars The Old Republic.

Enlightened Dark is a raiding guild. We raid three nights each week using the concept of a set team. If you are at all interested you must master your class and show us your dedication to the guild and the game.

Guild Summary:
  • PvE
  • Allegiance: The Sith Empire
  • English, US East (EST)
  • Raiding: Moderate (10-20 hrs/week)
  • Goals: Raiding Endgame Content
  • Misc: Scheduled Raid Sessions, Voice Chat Required for Raiding, Forum and Website Usage Recommended. 
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Assigned to Server Corellian Run

Shalymaar, Dec 12, 11 4:27 PM.

We have been assigned to Server Corellian Run
At this time, our guild can no longer be modified on the SWTOR website. Our guild qualified for deployment, and has already been imported into the game. All web support for our guild on the SWTOR website will be removed by 01.03.12, and we encourage you to save any important data you wish on our new site to keep before that time.

See you at the Launch!


Sith Empire Guild

Guild Is Looking for a Few Good Players

Shalymaar, Dec 9, 11 10:41 PM.
We are looking for mature like minded people who wish to enjoy the story and the leveling process. Many of us are old friends from many different online games include but not limited to Everquest, Age of Conan, WoW, and more. We play hard and raid hard. We push our abilities to their max but still enjoy a lighter side of MMO’s. At this point we are seeking a more relaxed approach to SWTOR. Once we are 50, we will raid a few nights a week.


Guild Leader of Enlightened Dark

Sith Empire Guild

Welcome - Web Site Live

Shalymaar, Dec 9, 11 4:42 PM.

Hello All,

Some of you may now me better from WoW with the name of Eneroth. We shall be creating a guild with some old friends of WoW, EQ, and perhaps a handful of other games. We are a dedicated bunch of people who enjoy end game content.

The only difference at the moment is that, I know most of us will be enjoying the story telling that this game gives. For anyone know that knows Bioware knows that the story is a large portion of the game play. And during leveling, we will look forward to doing all the instances (flash points) to get the best gear we can for our characters while we level up. At this point in time we shall be raiding and scheduling encounters on the East Coast.

Thank you.


Guild Leader of Enlightened Dark

Sith Empire Guild
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Looking for exceptional players of all types right now. If you are interested in Joining, use the link below. Raid days are TBD.
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